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We have consulted extensively over a number of years, and some consistent themes have emerged including overall support for the principle of redevelopment at The Rec.

In addition to public consultations and exhibitions like this one, we have engaged and consulted extensively with multiple statutory and non-statutory stakeholders including local residents and near neighbours. All of this feedback informs our work.

September and November 2013

Public consultation exhibitions on proposals developed with architects Wilkinson Eyre.

  • Combined total of 1,854 feedback forms received.
  • 95% agreed that Bath Rugby has a positive impact on the economy.
  • 94% agreed that Bath Rugby has a significant positive impact on the city as a whole.
  • 93% support the redevelopment of Bath Rugby’s facilities at The Rec.

July and December 2018

Public consultation exhibitions on proposals developed with architects Grimshaw.

  • Combined total of 2,806 visits to the public consultation events.
  • Combined total of 1,137 feedback forms received.
  • 74% generally positive about the design proposals.
  • Primary concerns were under-pitch car park and heights/views.

March and April 2023

Informal consultation engagement meetings with local residents and other non-statutory stakeholders regarding current proposals.

"I welcome the reduced height. Certainly the cantilever/floating roof will give a lighter and more attractive feel."

"How would the open spaces under the stands be controlled particularly for late night anti-social behaviour?"

"The revised scheme is an improvement and much more sympathetic to its surrounding. The reduced height is a huge improvement."

"I feel we have been heard. However, I would like to see the use of planting to cover roofs and columns."

"What other events are likely to happen outside of rugby matches?"

"The tulip trees must be protected during construction."

"The fact the flooding levels are the same and the risk of flooding is no worse is positive."


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