Club history and its future

Founded in 1865, Bath Football Club is one of the oldest clubs in existence.

Its founders remain unknown however the team played around the city on North Parade, Claverton Down, Lambridge Meadows, Kensington Meadows, Taylor's Field and Henrietta Park until its first game at The Rec in 1894.

Since then we’ve never left and The Rec has been the Club’s spiritual home.

Bath have often been leaders in rugby, be that in the appointment of the first female President of any rugby club in 1978 - Molly Gerrard.

We were also the first British club to ever win the European Cup in 1998. It’s not just firsts though, we have an incredible history to be proud of with international players dating right back to 1882.

Bath players fought in both World Wars, some making the ultimate sacrifice. Since then, our players. have travelled around the world on tours, both set and smashed records whilst winning much silverware including league and cup doubles.

Our history is incredibly important to us, and to the city. We are proud of the Club’s rich heritage, proud of our deep connection to the city and to play at our spiritual home The Rec.

Redevelopment provides the opportunity to honour the past whilst also shaping the future of both the Club and the city.

Talk of the redevelopment of The Rec has gone on for decades, but we are now ready to ask for the city’s permission and build for the future.

We have a plan which we believe will maintain the unique experience each and every person has on matchday; an experience unavailable in any other stadium around the world - the experience of watching an incredible game on the pitch while only needing to lift your head to the views of Bathwick Hill, the Abbey, the Empire, Johnstone Street and Grand Parade to know that you are in a World Heritage Site.

The intimate relationship that The Rec and the Club have with the city is utterly unique and something we cherish. Redevelopment will enable us to continue contributing for future generations.






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