Tricky's Tales

27 October 2011

David Trick, club president and Bath and England legend gives us his views on all things Bath - past and present, prior to last weekends game against Worcester Warriors.

Worcester has become a force in English Rugby since my time as a player, I cannot remember them featuring on our fixture list in the 1980's. I am however delighted to see a former teammate from those days Richard Hill as Warriors Head Coach. As a player, no one in the team worked harder to improve their personal fitness and skills than Richard, and his subsequent coaching record indicates he has lost none of his enthusiasm and drive. I'm sure he will have remained one of Bath Rugby's favourite sons once the final whistle had blown last Saturday.

As I have 'no previous' with regard to Worcester I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about one of the many Bath tours I participated in, when the emphasis was on having at much fun as possible, interspersed with the occasional inconvenient game of rugby. My first tour with the club was to Florida in the early 1980's and what a brilliant destination. Rugby in the State was in its infancy; the weather was fantastic and, let's be honest, there's no such thing as a bad trip to Walt Disney's theme park near Orlando (or is there?).

Back in the 80's alcohol was not on sale in the park, (possibly still the case but I haven't been back as I don't think the ban has expired yet).  A few of the boys decided to quench their thirst prior to entering the 'magical world' of Walt Disney, and one or two managed to smuggle vodka and tonic past security in large bottles of lemonade. The day was spent, drinking steadily, screaming on the roller coaster rides and complaining loudly when we managed to get stuck in 'Small World' for nearly an hour! Believe me the 'Mmall World' song is enough to drive anyone to drink.

By the time the parade started at 4.00pm it's fair to say one Bath player in particular was feeling no pain. I can't identify him due to legal reasons, so for the purpose of this tale I'll use his little known nickname 'Cooch'.

'Cooch' had his back to the parade talking to a few of the lads when 'Biffo the Bear' walked past and pinched his not inconsiderable backside. Due to an excess of alcohol his reactions were not their normal lightning speed, in fact they were so slow, by the time his brain had registered the pinch and his body had turned 180 degrees, 'Biffo' was well down the road towards the Magic Kingdom. As his eyes came into focus, 'Jiminy Cricket' was dancing in front of him. I was shocked at what happened next but nowhere near as shocked as Jiminy Cricket must have been when Cooch's fist went flying through his papier-mache face. Fortunately he didn't connect with the human inside but he did knock him off his feet causing several young children nearby to scream loudly as one of their favourites hit the floor. Thanks goodness it wasn't Mickey Mouse, because I have no doubt if Mickey had been 'decked' another Bath favourite would have been lost within the American legal system. As it was, Cooch and the rest of us merely embarked on an unscheduled sprint session, (which incidentally, I won by some distance).

** The open Captains Run at the Rec scheduled for this Friday ahead of our trip to London Irish has been postponed as this will now take place up at Farleigh House.  We will keep you posted as to the when the new date will be.

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