Time Is Precious

16 March 2016

Time Is Precious are one of Bath Rugby’s three local Charity Partners this year, and you can find out more about them here…

Time Is Precious (TIP) are a totally non-profit making charity, set up by the parents of Ben Halford, who passed away aged five from a brain tumour. They spent three and a half years trying to save Ben, spending much of this time in various hospitals.

“Time in hospital with a child is extremely difficult: no one wants to see their child in pain/distress, no matter what is wrong with them," say Ben's parents. "If the child is occupied, then this makes life that little easier. We found it difficult to entertain Ben, with not much to do, therefore we want to try to overcome this” 

TIP work alongside specialists to purchase equipment, improve facilities and the environment for a better stay for children and their families in hospital - as well as helping to distract young patients from traumatic procedures.

By creating a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for children, this in return assists with treatment & recovery. 

TIP have purchased over £215,000 in the past four and a half years since they were founded. Items requested by the hospitals can be big or small. They also give 'Gift Bags' for staff to give out as a reward or a distraction to a sibling who needs entertaining. 

At Sunday's Bath Half Marathon, TIP were supported by a very high-profile runner in the form of comedian Russell Howard - another friend of the Bath Rugby Foundation - who ran with some of his family members in order to raise funds for the charity. 

Follow Time Is Precious on Facebook and Twitter (@tipcharity).

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