Tackling Numbers at St Saviours

21 November 2012

This is Maths with a difference! 

This term Bath Rugby are delivering Tackling Numbers, an MBNA and Premiership Rugby Community programme to St Saviour’s School in Larkhall, Bath. 

The programme is about learning the intricacies of numbers through the medium of sport.  Each of the six sessions includes one hour in the classroom and another outside playing rugby. Measure rugby pitches, calculate scores from matches, measure your own heights and hand spans and compare them to real life sized rugby players are just some of the fun rugby related activities.  Each week the children at St Saviour’s School wait with anticipation to see what they will be doing in their next Tackling Numbers session – it is such fun!

When I visited the classroom recently, I soon realised it wasn’t a ‘normal’ lesson of Maths.  The children were drawing the rugby stadium and had been asked to include the pitch, posts, car park, flood lights, the big screen and anything they could think of.  This involved many different shapes and they were given templates to draw around and rulers to measure the pitch and crayons to colour it in. 

They were so engrossed in what their own pitch looked like, I wonder how of them realised that they were learning about polygons, rectangles and squares.  I asked a few of the children how they were enjoying ‘Tackling Numbers’.

“I liked drawing the stadium because I love drawing and I want to be an artist,” said Misha. 

Whilst Jamaal said: “I’ve really enjoyed learning new rugby skills and using different maths with the rugby,” and Charlie enjoys: “Caryl, Henry, Jack and Tristan’s visits, they are always cheerful and they enjoy working with us.”

Caryl and Jack are Bath Rugby Community coaches and Jack and Tristan are working as Apprentices in Bath Rugby’s Foundation.  They are having a great time;  learning a tremendous amount through the teaching of young children both in class and on the sports field.

Year 4 teacher, Beccy Preece, is already looking forward to their next visit.  She was full of enthusiasm for the project saying: “The children are loving it and it’s been great because we have been going over all the work we did in Term One which has reinforced their understanding.”

Roll on next week……….

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