Supporters' Charter

29 November 2019

As a Club, we are fully committed to providing the best possible matchday experience for our supporters.

Bath Rugby is a Club with a proud history of elite rugby played in a competitive but welcoming atmosphere and we want to build on that to enhance the reputation of the Rec as an attractive, class-leading, rugby venue.

If we are to achieve this, it is essential that the Club and supporters work together. As a Club, we will always seek to deliver not only the best possible standards of rugby, but also the best possible infrastructure and facilities for our supporters.

Most importantly, we are committed to sustaining the Rec as a safe, family-friendly venue where players, officials and supporters – both our own and visitors’- feel welcome and respected.

Emotions often run high during matches; it’s in the very nature of the game. However, we must channel that emotion positively. There is no place at the Rec for those who seek to belittle or intimidate anybody by actions or comment.

With that in mind, we have developed this Charter in association with Bath Rugby Supporters’ Club, highlighting some values that we feel all supporters at the Rec can and will share:

  • Supporters should always be respectful towards players and officials
  • Supporters should always be respectful towards members of staff, both of Bath Rugby and our opposition
  • Supporters must always be respectful of their fellow supporters – both those supporting Bath Rugby and those supporting the opposition
  • Supporters should strive to maintain rugby’s unique ability to place home and away supporters side by side, respecting one another’s allegiances
  • Supporters should report any anti-social behaviour to the stewards on duty who will do their best to resolve the situation. Supporters can also do this at any time on a matchday by text on 07979181865. SEE IT, HEAR IT, REPORT IT.

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding threatening behaviour, incitement or discriminatory comments which may result in ejection from the ground.

Above all, we want Bath Rugby’s home at the Rec to have a competitive atmosphere but always to be a welcoming, enjoyable place to watch good rugby. If we all embrace these values, we will go a long way to achieving this.


We always welcome your feedback. If anyone’s behaviour inside the ground isn’t acceptable, we would like to know. If the matter cannot be dealt with on the day, please contact us at

A message from the Bath Rugby Supporters' Club Chairman 

I’m immensely proud to be a Bath Rugby Supporter and of the reputation that the Rec has all over Europe as an iconic, welcoming place for all supporters to visit.

As Chairman of Bath Rugby Supporters’ Club I want to build on that and enhance the Rec’s special reputation. If all Supporters, ours and visitors, embrace the values in this Charter then I’m sure we’ll succeed.

Enjoy your visit to the Rec!

Kevin Lawrence 

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