Support Flats' charity challenge!

28 January 2014

Bath Rugby Legend David Flatman has agreed to run the Bath Half marathon in aid of charity, despite describing himself as being in "horrible shape".

Among the beneficiaries of Flatman's fundraising efforts will be The Down's Syndrome Association, The Burned Children's Club and Help For Heroes. Speaking of the causes, Flatman said: "My darling little brother has Down's, but he also has an amazing family around him every day and a father who works like crazy to provide for him.

Not all disabled kids are so lucky. I just want to put myself out there in the hope that folk decide to give a few quid to help some beautiful people with some enormous hurdles in their lives. I promise you, if you could see The Burned Children's Club in action, you'd empty your wallet. They are just heroic."

Since the suggestion was put to him last week, Flatman has, so far, managed two 'training' jogs through the fields near his countryside home. "Calling them training runs is pushing the definition somewhat," said Flatman. Asked how this first casual jogging experience turned out, he added: "It ruined my favourite trainers and made my hands numb, so it's gone well so far!"

Please join us in supporting Flats in his quest to survive the sort of test that represents hell to a body like his, and please give generously by visiting

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