Superstars in the making

13 December 2012

The Bath Rugby Foundation Superstars event on Saturday 8th December at the Bath Sports Centre was greatly enjoyed by many members of our enthusiastic and competitive local community. There was fierce competition between many local businesses as they battled through the challenging sports disciplines with help from our local sports stars, including Amy Williams, David Flatman, Danny Grewcock and David Trick.

They also had a number of enthusiastic local schools on board that were attending the event in order to cheer for their allocated team and Superstar.

Bath Rugby's Academy Director and Trustee of the Foundation, Danny Grewcock, whose team was Rygor Group Limited said: "It was a brilliant day – there was a great atmosphere with all the kids shouting and cheering. The competitiveness of all the teams was very impressive and I'm sure that with all this enthusiasm, everyone will be back next year for a fitter, even better competition."

With seven local schools taking part, the sports hall was roaring as they cheered on their selected team and waved their colourfully crafted banners. As the competition progressed from cycling to sprinting and onto rowing, it was evident the tension was mounting as our local sports stars revealed their competitive edge.

With some particularly close scores, one member of every team took on the final crucifix tyre hold challenge. As the competitors strength began to crumble and the tyres fell to the floor, Danny Grewcock stood smiling without any sign of a shake, a sight I'm sure every aspiring sports child will remember for a while! Despite Danny's sterling effort, Amy Williams and the Wilsher Group team took home the trophy, presented by Harry Roberts of Three Ways special school.

The funds raised from this event will go towards the delivery of a Disability Inclusion project to take place in Spring 2013.

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