Sharks and Fishes at Westfield Primary

9 October 2012

Yes, it was wet here today (9th October), which must have brought the sharks and fishes out onto the playing fields at the primary school.  The sharks and fishes were, of course, in the form of Year Five girls and boys who were enjoying taking part in a game delivered under Bath Rugby’s programme, School of Tag.

School of Tag is a five week tag rugby programme set up with The Bath Rugby Community Team, in conjunction with the Bath and North East Somerset School Sport Partnership, to deliver coaching in and around Bath.

It was the last week of these sessions and Chris Chorley, the children’s teacher, said they were looking forward to coming to a Bath Rugby game in the next few weeks.  On completion of the course, Bath Rugby gives all participating children and their families the opportunity to attend a Bath Rugby match at the Rec, and the opportunity to take part in a half-time pitch parade.

When I spoke to Chris he said: “It’s fantastic, we love it when Bath Rugby come to the school.  All their programmes are brilliant.  We have done Write Between the Posts and Tackling Writing as well as their tag programmes.  Players have also visited the school, motivating the children in their reading and writing.  Our kids know Bath Rugby really well, which makes Bath Rugby their community team.”

The rain didn’t stop and neither did the children.  They were tagging each other, shouting and running non-stop – they didn’t notice how muddy they were getting and I am sure they didn’t care,  they were just having great fun. 

“We would have you here every week if we could,” Chris laughed, “The only gripe I have is that they don’t come every day!”

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