Player Lockdown Tips

16 March 2021

With the end of lockdown now in sight, it can often feel like these final few weeks and months are dragging on more slowly than ever.

So, to help you navigate the challenges of lockdown, some of the Bath Rugby players have shared their top tips. 

Ruaridh McConnochie

Ruaridh McConnochie

What’s your top tip to getting through lockdown? 

Have a schedule or a timetable to your week, keep engaged via Zoom calls and plan to connect with people you haven’t chatted to for a while. 

What book would you recommend to help pass the time?

Game of Thrones - the collection.

What message would you give to supporters?

It’s not going to last forever! See it as an opportunity to do something new, not just survive. 

Tom Dunn

Tom Dunn

What’s the best Netflix/TV series you’ve watched during lockdown?


What’s been your approach to getting through this period? 

Try not count the days down and try not to feel like you have to be busy. 

Josh McNally

Josh McNally

How have you relaxed during lockdown? 

Walking the dog and reading - I’d recommend Soldier Spy

What’s been your go-to local takeaway? 

Castle Farm takeaways

What’s your message to supporters during lockdown?

Stay in touch with family and friends; the end is not far away. We can’t wait to have you back at the Rec!

Gabriel Goss

Gabe Goss

Have you taken up any new hobbies in lockdown?

Yes, meditation! I also use art and design to relax.

Have you joined any good virtual events?

Pub quiz night on Zoom with the boys is good fun. 

What’s the best Netflix/TV programme you’ve watched in lockdown?

Rick and Morty

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