Open Letter from Bruce Craig

5 April 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to address everyone concerned with the performance of Bath Rugby.

I am the first to admit that this season has been disappointing and frustrating; we have been inconsistent and have underperformed. A considerable amount of time and money has been invested in the Club this year, without the returns expected by everyone. It hurts to be in this position and all of us involved with the Club understand that the overall performance has not been acceptable; the coaches said it at the weekend. We know we could and should have done much better.

What I can say is that some hard lessons have been learnt but our objectives and vision have not changed and we will continue to build the solid foundations for long-term success. Rugby is an important part of Bath and striving to be champions is our goal. I still believe the squad is as competitive as any in the Premiership and with a few new signings arriving over the summer and the fact the players will have been together for much longer, there is real reason to look forward positively.

There will be some changes in the coaching set up with a new head coach and coaching structure to be announced in the coming weeks. Focus will be placed on strengthening some of areas of our game that have been weak this season and our aim will be to concentrate on producing hard, attacking rugby with a style of play that our supporters associate with Bath Rugby.

Off the field the new training facilities are close to completion and will be ready for pre- season. Anyone who thinks that Farleigh will be anything else but an elite, high performance centre based on professionalism and hard work will be mistaken. The surroundings will be excellent but with that comes a responsibility for all of us to perform to the best of our ability, as there will be many others aspiring to be part of the set up.

There has been a huge amount of work done regarding the Rec development and we continue to work closely with the Charity Commission and the Recreation Ground Trust, as it is still our ambition to keep Bath Rugby at the Rec.

All of us at Bath Rugby appreciate the faithful support that follows the Club and know how much playing success means to each one of our supporters. I am committed to ensuring we do everything possible to enable that long term success, supporting the players and coaches to be able to deliver. There are no hiding places in top-level sport and I am still very confident that with more hard work this Club and its players have the ability to perform at a level that will meet all our expectations.

Bruce Craig

Chairman, Bath Rugby

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