Non-Native Wearing of Cultural Symbols

26 November 2021

We have been asked this week by our supporters to review the wearing of cultural symbols such as Native American headdresses and the imitation of Native American chanting at our games. In order to get this review right, we will be speaking to our supporters over the coming weeks to work and learn together on how to approach this matter.

What we do understand is that headdresses are sacred symbols within the Native American culture. The headdress worn by most non-natives is an imitation of the ones worn by many Plains nations. Within their culture, headdresses cannot be easily owned or worn by just anyone. They represent achievements and honours earned in a specific way and are heavily restricted as to who is awarded such status.

Therefore, people who are able to respectfully wear these symbols are limited to natives who have earned a headdress from a Plains nation or people who have been given permission to wear one. Anything other than this is felt to be disrespectful to the native culture.

We are therefore asking all supporters to refrain from wearing any Native American cultural symbols such as headdresses at our ground this evening.

Thank you in advance for your considerate approach, and we look forward to seeing you this evening.

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