Max on Tour: Sydney

28 June 2016

Maximus, Bath Rugby's Junior Members Club leader, is making the most of 2016's summer of sport by going on tour across the world to some super sporting events.

The lovable lion started his tour in Sydney over the weekend as he witnessed the brilliant England Rugby team - featuring none other than Bath's very own George Ford, Jonathan Joseph and Anthony Watson - beat Australia to take the series 3-0. 

"The atmosphere in Sydney was incredible," said Max. "It was very special to be in the crowd on this historic evening for English rugby. George, Anthony and JJ did the Club proud with their performances!"

Max made sure to learn a bit more about the country while he was in Oz, and here are some facts he picked up along the way:

- When Dutch explorers, led by Abel Tasman, arrived Down Under in the 1600s, they called the mainland 'New Holland'. However, most explorers at this time didn't hang around long due to the lack of fertile soil and water, so the name didn't stick. 

- In 1851, fourteen years before Bath Rugby was founded, a precious metal was unearthed in Australia: gold. One of the biggest gold producers in the world can be found on the outskirts of a tiny Western Australian town called Kalgoorlie. The Super Pit, as it's informally known, is Australia's largest open cut gold mine. 

- Whilst some people might think that the larger cities of either Sydney or Melbourne are the capital of Australia, it is in fact Canberra. This came about due to a compromise after Sydney and Melbourne argued about who should be the capital city, with Canberra ultimately chosen because it is located halfway between the two bigger cities.

Maximus will be back with more tales from his travels next week, so check, Twitter or Facebook for updates on his worldwide sporting adventure.  

If you want to find out more about the Junior Members Club, and how you can sign up for free, click here.

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