Max On Tour: Postcard from South Africa

26 August 2014

In the fourth week of Max’s world tour, the lively lion and Junior Membership Club leader has been on a safari tour of South Africa.

“Having been settled in Bath for so long, I thought it was about time to revisit my roots,” said Max. “Not only did I enjoy catching up with my fellow lions, I also got to get up close to many other fantastic animals on my safari trips.”

Here are some of the things Max learnt during his South African safari: 

  • Despite looking like dogs, hyenas are actually more closely related to cats. The most common of all large carnivores in Africa, hyenas hunt in a clan of up to 50 members and are led by a female 
  • Giraffes have blue tongues that are average around 20 inches long, which enable them to reach and taste the highest - and tastiest - leaves on trees 
  • Lions normally rest for about 20 hours a day. (Max, however, is more used to early starts due to his various Junior Membership Club duties) 
  • If you thought crocodiles looked like dinosaurs, that’s because they’ve been on earth for around 200 million years. Their jaws contain 24 teeth that are designed to grasp rather than chew – they swallow stones in order to grind food inside their stomachs

We're expecting a postcard from Max next Monday, so be sure to check our website and social media updates on his travels. 

If you want to find out more about the Junior Membership Club, and how you can sign up for free, click here

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