Bath Rugby defeated by a strong Jersey Reds team

Bath Rugby 10 v Jersey Reds 34

In the first home game of the 2023/24 season, Bath Rugby got things underway against Jersey Reds in the second round of the Premiership Rugby Cup competition. 

Seeing a quarter of the game pass with neither team getting points on the board, Bath Rugby were however able to show their strength at the ruck, earning numerous turnovers. 

Will Muir delivered a strong forty minutes, setting up one try for full back Sam Harris, and getting a score of his own as the clock approached the red. 

Heading into half-time, Bath Rugby sat on two tries to Jersey Reds one. 

Turning their game around in the second half, the Reds took time to re-evaluate and out-muscle the young Bath side. 

Scoring four tries in what turned into a game of two halves, and taking advantage of a yellow card to Louie Hennessey for repeated Bath infringements on the line, Jersey showed why they were crowned Championship champions last season.

The Reds dominated in the collisions, forcing penalties from Bath Rugby and capitalising on their territory gain.

The game ended 10-34 to Jersey Reds. Congratulations to the Reds who take a bonus-point back over the Channel. 


Bath Rugby: 1 Arthur Cordwell, 2 Jasper Spandler, 3 Kieran Verden, 4 Fergus Lee-Warner, 5 Ewan Richards (c), 6 JJ Tonks, 7 Ethan Staddon, 8 Jaco Coetzee, 9 Tom Carr-Smith, 10 George Worboys, 11 Will Muir, 12 Will Butt, 13 Max Wright, 14 Gabe Goss, 15 Sam Harris

Replacements: 16 John Stewart, 17 Scott Kirk, 18 Mikey Summerfield, 19 Nahum Merigan, 20 Thompson Cowan, 21 Murdoch Lock, 22 Ciaran Donoghue, 23 Louie Hennessey

Jersey Reds: 1 Sam Grahamslaw, 2 Dafydd Hughes, 3 Stevie Longwell, 4 John Hawkins, 5 James Scott, 6 Max Argyle, 7 Lewis Wynne (c), 8 Alun Lawrence, 9 James Elliot, 10 Russell Bennett, 11 Robin Wedlake, 12 Jordan Holgate, 13 Alex McHenry, 14 Ben Woollett, 15 Brendan Owen

Replacements: 16 James Hadfield, 17 Greg McGrath, 18 Adam Nicol, 19 Hallam Chapman, 20 Thom Smith, 21 Tim Grey, 22 James Mitchell, 23 Josh Barton



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