Jaffa launches Healthy Living with Bath Rugby Community

20 January 2016

Jaffa, Bath Rugby’s Official Community Partner, recently launched its Healthy Living programme at Shaw Primary School in Melksham – with a little help from two young rugby stars.

As part of Jaffa’s ongoing support of grassroots rugby, players Charlie Ewels and Tom Ellis helped the Bath Rugby Community team promote the importance of an active lifestyle and healthy eating to children at the local school. The duo were on hand to help the Community team provide an afternoon of education in and out of the classroom, whilst Jaffa also provided the school with some fun presents (including free tag rugby equipment).   

“It’s great that Jaffa is helping the Community team to spread the word about healthy living in this way,” said Ewels, who recently captained England Under-20s. “They recognise the importance of schoolchildren learning the value of good nutrition and exercise at this early age, which is fantastic. The Healthy Living programme shows them how to exercise effectively, and the ways in which good nutrition can help them in so many ways. The principles of healthy living and exercise for a child in primary school is no different to that of a professional rugby player like myself, and that’s an important message to be delivering.”

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