Hitz Bath at the Premiership Rugby Community awards

1 July 2013

Players are only just returning for pre-season but the hard work at Aviva Premiership Rugby clubs carries on all year round, and the All Parliamentary Premiership rugby awards was a chance to celebrate all the hard graft they put in in their respective communities.

As well as celebrating the work each club does in their community, the event was also a chance to get a message across on what a massive impact these projects on the lives of the young people taking part.

Hitz Bath - along which Hitz London Irish - were invited to the event with two of their young people to talk about their experience of Hitz and how it has helped them in their own personal development. Josh Burton, 17, and Chantelle Cesar, 18, who both have lived in care for most of their lives, were invited up to talk about how they have achieved independent living and created job opportunities through Hitz. On the night, Josh and Chantelle were more than happy to mingle with the guests and chat about their time on the project with Chantelle bravely taking the stage in front of 150 MPs and business men and women to tell her story.

Chantelle said after the event: "I've really enjoyed tonight as I've never been to the House of Commons before! I was a little nervous to be asked to talk on stage but it went really well, with lots of people grabbing me after and wanting to know more about what I've been doing and how Hitz has help me."

Stephen Barber, Bath Rugby Hitz Officer, said: "Chantelle and Josh have been absolutely fantastic tonight! It's quite a scary thing to come to the House of Commons and speak In front of all these people about their lives and their experiences, but they have both done exceptionally well, and I think they have loved every minute of it."

Hitz, a social inclusion rugby project engages with NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people that often come from challenging backgrounds, with the goal being to educate, inspire and motivate them back into work, volunteering and apprenticeships, all through taking part in regular sporting activity.

For more information about HITZ, or if you are 16-18 years old and want to enrol on the project, please contact:

Stephen Barber
Tel: 01225 904127
Mobil: 07563 190 102

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