Haagy’s alternative Dream Team – The backs

27 April 2012

I hope you have enjoyed the Dream Team throughout the season, and that it has provoked thought and debate across all you supporters.

As I have said, I have been very lucky to play with some great players, not only ones who are skilful, but also who are great mates. It's been very difficult this year to pick a top three.

One thing they all had in common was they played for the shirt, they understood why Bath was here and they all wanted to play with their mates.
But, I couldn't choose everyone because there wouldn't have been enough paper! This week, I've tackled an alternative back line – there may have been a couple I couldn't chose between! Many might not know the names of these guys, but were equally important in the success of Bath Rugby as some of the more well-known faces.

15 Mark Westcott – Mark had a similar style to John Webb – he was big and athletic, and good option in attack as well as steady in defence.

14 Pete Blackett / Fred Sagoe – Both Pete and Fred were strong and quick – great assets for a winger to have.

13 Iestyn Lewis / Martin Sparks – Both good footballers, strong, and Iyestin had a good outside break

12 Jon Bamsey – A good skill player, Bamsey was great in the midfield.

11 Simon Geoghegan – Simon was a great player – he was very close to being in my dream team and probably should have been!

10 Clive Book / Craig Raymond – Both skilful despite some lack of pace, Clive and Craig each had a good sidestep and strong kicking game.

9 Steve Knight / Ian Sanders – Two cracking scrum-halves- they'd have both been great Premiership players.

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