Dyson invests in a different kind of Ball technology with Bath Rugby

10 July 2014

Dyson is excited to become Bath Rugby's new Title Partner for the next two seasons (2014/15 and 2015/16). The partnership marks the first of its kind for Dyson, with the organisation deciding the time was right to support a world-class local team with international ambitions.

James Dyson, Inventor and Founder of Dyson, said: ''Dyson started out in a coach house in Bath, with just two graduates and I developing the first cyclonic vacuum cleaner. When I wasn't busy toiling with prototypes, I was off to see Bath Rugby play just up the road. 21 years later, I'm surrounded by over 2,000 people at Dyson who, with an average age of 26, are keen on playing sport. Bath remains our local club – many Dyson people live there and keenly support the team. Bruce Craig and his family, armed with his infectious enthusiasm and tactical skill, are transforming the Club. It has been a joy and inspiration to witness Bath Rugby's rapid regeneration and see the Club's ambitious expansion plans first-hand. Just as Rome, Verona and Pula have Roman coliseums at the heart of the city, Bruce Craig's proposed new stadium is an architecturally sympathetic Coliseum for Roman Bath, designed by Wilkinson Eyre. We are backing a world class team that shares Dyson's faith in nurturing youth and have fighting spirit in abundance."

Bruce Craig, Owner and Chairman of Bath Rugby, said: "Both Bath Rugby and Dyson share a culture of high performance and pursuit of excellence. We both relentlessly seek improvement in everything we do and we both relish taking on tough competition. For us, this new partnership is a positive sign of the progress the Club has made recently and is a huge encouragement as we strive to achieve our ambition to become the best Club in Europe. We are excited about what Dyson can bring to the Club. They are a forward-thinking, innovative organisation and I'm sure they will help challenge how we do things, both on and off the field. We will certainly be taking inspiration from their history of tenacity and taking on the big boys, as we face some of the finest sides in England and Europe next season."

Perseverance, fighting spirit and a faith in youth are all characteristics shared by both Dyson and Bath Rugby.

21 years ago, after 5,127 prototypes, James Dyson launched the world's first cyclonic vacuum cleaner. It was the result of years of stubborn hard graft, frequent swearing and dogged perseverance. Dyson engineers still use this approach today, constantly refining and improving until the point the technology is just right. On the rugby field unrelenting perseverance is essential to success. Hours spent on fitness, practising kicking, hundreds of line-out drills and thousands of attack and defence sessions show that relentless pursuit of improvement makes all the difference.

Both companies also understand the importance of investing in young talent. One third of all Dyson hires were graduates last year, while Bath Rugby is a hotbed of young English talent. The Club has invested in a strong Academy structure and has created an environment where young players, such as Ollie Devoto, George Ford, Anthony Watson and Kyle Eastmond, can develop and thrive and a place where smart risk taking is encouraged.

Both Dyson and Bath Rugby like to do things a bit differently and that will be clear to see in the new player shirts. Not content with simply putting a logo on a jersey, Dyson have created a unique set of shirts that match different Dyson technologies with player positions. Just as each Dyson technology has a unique function and benefit, the same applies to players on the field of play. The front row will wear Dyson digital slim shirts; the second row will be Dyson Animal; back row will be Dyson on a ball; half-backs and fullbacks will wear Dyson hot + cool; whilst the speedsters in the centre and on the wings will wear Dyson 110,000rpm – after the small, fast Dyson digital motor.

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