Dyson and Bath Rugby tackle men’s grooming

26 August 2021

Dyson’s Global Hair Ambassador, Larry King swapped salon styling for our Bath Rugby pitch to talk all things hair styling.

Venturing into the team changing room, Larry and the lads discussed hair health, our technology and superior styling to suit all hair types.

Larry used the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer to create three looks, switching between the tool’s five precision engineered attachments to suit the player’s variety of hair types and desired styles.

The Smoothing Nozzle: Max Clark, Centre

First into the changing room come barbershop, Centre player, Max Clark. Max has a mane of long hair – described by Larry as the ‘Tarzan’ of the rugby world. Long hair on rugby players isn’t something often seen for fears of it being pulled while at the bottom of a ruck. However, Max confessed he has more opponents complementing his impressively long locks than trying to tug on his hair during games.

Max’s biggest struggle with managing his mane is drying its thick volume without adding unwanted bounce. Larry used the Smoothing Nozzle with its gentle, low-velocity airflow to avoid adding unruly volume when drying close to the scalp.

Styling Concentrator with its wider, thinner design to ensure exacting airflow direction and precision styling to avoid adding unruly volume when drying close to the scalp.

The Wide Tooth Comb: Beno Obano, Prop

Next in the chair, Bath’s front row powerhouse and Bath and England Prop Forward, Beno Obano. Beno has coily hair, which he styles in tight braids on match days and when training. A style that started as a lockdown look has since stayed, but Beno confesses it takes a lot of maintaining for which he enlists the help of his mother.

Putting the hair into braids can introduce unwanted stress and tension to the hair, hairline, and scalp. This can increase its risk of damage and cause the hair to become more prone to breakage. Curly and coily hair can be more delicate, meaning it’s important to treat it with care. Larry explains the importance of allowing the hair to relax during periods between braiding, together with choosing a tool that does not exceed high temperatures.  

When styling Beno, Larry opts for the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer with Wide Tooth Comb attachment to shape and lengthen the curl pattern and enhance the hair’s natural texture as it dries. The attachment has robust teeth engineered with curved tips for comfort on the scalp and a seamless glide through the hair.

The Styling Concentrator: Danny Cipriani, Fly-Half

No one is more aware of the evolution in men’s style than Bath Rugby’s new signing Danny Cipriani. Danny has been a friend and longstanding regular in Larry’s seat for over a decade with the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer instrumental in creating some of his most stylish looks.

Danny relies on the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer to lengthen and straighten his short, thick curls. He opts for the Styling Concentrator with its wider, thinner design to ensure exacting airflow direction and precision styling to deliver a natural finish.

As professional athletes, Max, Beno and Danny know the importance of health and wellbeing. Players remarked how hair played an important role in their grooming routine and noted good hair days as a contributor to all-round feel-good factor. After lessons with Larry the team now know their flyaways from their fly-half, scrum half from their scrunch curl and importantly, how to get the best results from their style, on and off the pitch.


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