Caryl Thomas measures up to Tackling Numbers

10 May 2012

Tackling Numbers is an interactive numeracy programme for young children, developed and delivered by Premiership Rugby in partnership with MBNA is being delivered in many schools in Bath and the local area. This five week programme aims to teach 8-9 year olds the importance of number skills in everyday life

The programme uses the power of rugby to promote the understanding and learning of numeracy in a fun and enjoyable way.  The classroom sessions are supported by practical PE sessions that unite an active mind with an active body.

The key aims of the project are to improve young people’s understanding of the importance of basic financial and numeracy skills; while increasing physical exercise and activity amongst young people.

Today, Caryl Thomas, Bath Rugby community coach was at Oldfield Park Junior School for the fourth session of the programme.  She was teaching children the Year 4 class about metric and imperial units. To do this she had the children measuring each others heights and also their handspans.  Their teacher, Mr Short, came in as the tallest at 1m 86cm and Caryl herself was measured and found to 1m 63cm tall.  On their pupil information sheets there was a picture of Stuart Hooper’s hand size – they were amazed at how much bigger it was than theirs! 

Caryl said: “Mathematics is used daily in all areas of life, and rugby is a fantastic way to show pupils how important and fun it can be.”

After a break the children all went outside and enjoyed games which still involved numeracy skills.  The whole programme has been put together to inspire the children to both improve their maths and their physical health and they appeared to be enjoying themselves doing just that!


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