Bath v Exeter - The game that made Bath Rugby history

26 September 2018

Exeter Chiefs are next to visit the Rec, the game taking place on Friday 5th October. We take a step back in time to reflect on the first ever game at the Rec, which also happened to be against Exeter. 
Interesting fact: The game took place on the same weekend as the upcoming clash with Exeter, 124 years ago on the 6th October. Where formally ‘Bath Football Club’, now Bath Rugby gained a 22-0 victory over the Devon side.  
Here is an extract taken from the Chronicle Match Report. “The ball was near the home 25 flag when Bath claimed and obtained a free for the Exeter half picking up in the scrum. Soon afterwards Derrick followed up grandly, he received a check, but it was only temporary, for after a bit of scrambling play the leather was carried across the mark and Derrick scored. The ball did not rise from D’Aguilar’s kick.
Long, who had been doing useful work throughout, had a chance of getting off, but the ball was too slippery to hold. Soane and Belson, junior, shone in a dribble but this incident was eclipsed directly afterwards by a marvellous exhibition of running and dodging by Long, who, receiving from Seers, corkscrewed right through the Exeter ranks and placed a try right between the posts. D’Aguilar converted and Bath won by 22 points (two goals and four tries to nil).”
Bath will be looking to continue their unbeaten home run this season, when they host the Chiefs, 124 years on from the first ever game at the Rec. 
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