Bath Rugby take Aviva Tag to St Cuthberts in Wells

19 March 2012

This month Bath Rugby community coach Steve Middleton has been delivering the Aviva Premiership Rugby Schools programme to several local schools in the area.

Aviva sponsor the Premiership and invest in all areas of the game including the community.  We will be introducing them to tag as a means to engage and raise their aspirations.

Yesterday I drove over to Wells and watched Steve Middleton at St Cuthberts where he was delivering his fourth session of the Tag Rugby programme.  The children do football during one half of the term and rugby in the other.  Their sports teacher Denise Hoogesteger had changed these sessions around so that she could attend their classes to learn some new ideas: “It’s great, I am picking up tips which are very helpful.  Steve has been excellent and his visits really encourage the children.”

The sessions are a great opportunity for the children to implement their newly acquired skills in an engaging and fun environment. After the final visit the schools will be left with balls, tags and all the equipment necessary to continue the game at the school. 

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