Bath Rugby launches Tunnel Mentality podcast

13 May 2021

Bath Rugby is delighted to introduce a new podcast – Tunnel Mentality.  

The podcast delves into the minds of professional athletes and identifies coping mechanisms to deal with mental health challenges.  

In line with Mental Health Awareness Week, which seeks to raise awareness and tackle the stigma surrounding mental health, Tom Giles (Marketing Manager) and Garin Vivian (Community Events Coordinator) - who both work for the club’s community team – have created a podcast for those who are searching for helpful information, tools and practices to improve their mental and physical health - and that of those closest to them.

We are looking to inspire positive change within our community, ensuring the topic of mental health is constantly discussed, and enabling more people to speak openly about their experiences.

Our first guest is Bath Rugby wing Ruaridh McConnochie, who chats openly and honestly about his experiences with mental health, as well as the recent #DrawTheLine campaign to tackle online abuse. 

Listen Here

What is Tunnel Mentality? 

In sports, the tunnel is the last place a professional sportsman has to compose themselves and leave everything that is impacting them behind – before they enter the field. Tom and Garin are fascinated to find out what professional athletes do to overcome struggles and battles, ensuring they remain physically and mentally fit and active to regularly perform at the highest level. As supporters’, we have no idea what elite professionals are going through behind closed doors and struggles they are experiencing in their personal lives.

In our first series, we will be focusing on the subject of ‘Change’. Throughout our lives, we constantly experience change and even more so now we are living through a pandemic. The subject of change can be quite an alarming concept and we hope this podcast will help not only the listeners but also their friends and family that may also be experiencing the same feelings as them. 

Who is the Podcast for? 

This podcast is for those who are searching for information on what experiences other people have had and what practices they can put in place to improve their own mental and physical health and that of those close to them.

The podcast is needed to distribute informative and thought-provoking conversation that will hopefully leave the listeners with some of their own questions answered whilst arming them with practices and a wellbeing toolkit of their own. It is also necessary as it focuses on a subject area that is usually covered in many different podcasts and other mediums especially during these difficult times but very rarely covered when speaking to both men and women in a sporting environment. 

One of our key aims is to inspire positive change within our community and we hope the application of this podcast will not only inspire that change in just our community but also throughout the communities our listeners are ingrained in.

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