Bath Rugby Join Big Ted on Fluorescent Friday

24 October 2012

Going to the Royal United Hospital in Bath is a regular event for Bath Rugby players, but the 19th October was very special! 

Scottish International and Back Row player Simon Taylor, with Scottish International and Bath Wing Jack Cuthbert and Bath Academy Back Row and Scotland U20 James Tyas, all enjoyed helping ‘Ted’s Big Day Out’ in support of the ‘RUH Cancer Care Campaign’.  Sponsored by Bath based law firm Mogers, the theme for ‘Ted’s Big Day Out’ was ‘Fluorescent Friday.’

Whilst Forever Friends mascot , Big Ted went to schools and businesses in Melksham, Trowbridge, Warminster and Frome, Bath’s players enjoyed meeting staff and patients in the Children’s Centre, the Patient Appointment department and Combe Ward (for the elderly).  Afterwards, along with Olympic Gold Medallist Amy Williams, they were shown into Nuclear Medicine where  Martin Evans, Head of the Department gave them a enthralling account of the new Gamma CT Scanner which has recently been installed. 

As the players moved into the Atrium, they were surrounded by a fluorescent crowd of people;  pink wigs, stripey socks, tutu’s and tights!  A competition for the best dressed was judged by Amy, and also for the best teddy, which turned out to be a tiger holding a sign saying, ‘I am definitely a teddy!.”  Cakes and merchandise were for sale, and there was also the chance to have a relaxing onsite neck and shoulder massage.

Jack Cuthbert commented: “It’s great to visit the hospital and chat to the patients and staff.  Most of our players have visited the RUH during their time with the Club, but today is especially exciting. It’s a pity we couldn’t stay for the massage,” he laughed, “but we have all enjoyed helping Ted with his fundraising. It’s brought everyone in the community together to raise funds for a very worthwhile cause.”

There was one very moving moment.

Bath Rugby recently received a letter of thanks which was written by a granddad as if from his five week old grandson, who was seriously ill with meningitis:  “The doctors and nurses at the Hospital were doing everything they could to help me and make me feel better. It was at this point they put me in a very special bed which kept me warm and well, and helped them watch over me. I next had to go and have a picture taken of the inside of my head and again this special bed was used to move me to the place where they were going to take my picture. I felt very safe and secure in this "cot" and it was at this point I saw a sign on the side of my bed saying it had been provided by donations from Bath Rugby Club.”

“I later found out that if they didn't have this very special cot it would have been very difficult for the clever doctors and nurses to help me in the way they did. Because of all the nice kind people at Bath Rugby Club, I now had a chance to fight and beat this meningitis thing that was making me feel so bad and upsetting my Mummy and Daddy.”

After the letter was read out, it was announced that Harry, now 8 weeks old was in the Atrium.  Everyone clapped and he and his mother were introduced to James, Jack and Simon so that he could say a personal thank you for their help.            

James Tyas said: “It has been a great experience visiting so many people departments in the hospital and being part of such a large fundraising Campaign.  I’m proud to be involved and am already looking forward to visiting the hospital again soon.  Meeting Harry has been the icing on the cake!”


If you live or work anywhere within Bath, North East Somerset and Wiltshire, the RUH is your local acute care hospital.  The RUH treats over 2000 new cancer patients every year and every day the disease indiscriminately alters people’s lives.  With your help, the RUH can build a sensational new Cancer Centre to help transform our cancer patients’ journey and experience.

To make a donation towards Ted’s Big Day Out this year and help support the ‘RUH Cancer Care Campaign’, please call the Appeal office on 01225 825691.



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