Bath Rugby hold inaugural medical symposium

24 October 2018

The inaugural Bath Rugby Medical Symposium was held last night at Farleigh House with a number of local medical and sport and exercise science experts attending the session hosted by the Bath Rugby Medical Team.

Bath Rugby's Head of Medical and Rehabilitation services, Byron Field, Dr Guy Evans, Joey Hayes and Dr Richard Evans all delivered on a range of topics relevant to the current management of elite athletes.

Field said: “To be able to host such an event and provide professional development opportunities for interested members of the local sporting medical community is a goal of our Medical Team.

“We’ll continue to grow this event in coming years as we aim to engage some of the many experts in our local region.

“At the end of the day - we’re committed to providing Bath Rugby players with the most relevant and up-to-date medical expertise and opinion available.

“It’s also a credit to the Medical Team here at Bath Rugby led by organiser Damian Kelly that this event has come together and been so well supported.”

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