Bath Rugby Foundation 150-word writing competition winners announced!

10 August 2016

Bath Rugby Foundation recently ran a writing competition with a difference to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Club. The challenge: the story could be just 150 words, and had to contain the words ‘Bath Rugby’.

The competition was judged by former Club captain Stuart Hooper and Acting Editor of the Bath Chronicle, Alex Brown. The three winners have had their story printed in the Bath Chronicle, and will read their story at the Bath Rugby Foundation Awards.

The competition sits within the Foundation’s wider work to support the most vulnerable young people in Bath and North East Somerset, using rugby to inspire them to be more confident, and realise their full potential. The Foundation currently runs an award winning literacy programme, Stickability, which has reached 2400 children so far. The programme gives students the opportunities and support to develop learning skills and confidence. Delivered through a combination of classroom-based literacy sessions and active tag rugby sport sessions, the programme aims to reinforce five core learning skills: Individual problem solving; Perseverance and focus; Emotional resilience; Empathy and supporting others; Teamwork and collaboration.

Stuart Hooper said, “It never ceases to amaze me how vivid the imaginations of young people can be. We’ve had all manner of entries, from trips to Mars to a giant octopus at the Rec. Who knew ‘Bath Rugby’ could inspire so many weird and wonderful creations? Well done to everyone who took on the challenge and entered the competition.”

Alex Brown, Acting Editor of the Bath Chronicle, added, “Any competition which inspires the next generation of budding writers and journalists is something the Chronicle is more than happy to support. It’s great to give local children such a fantastic ‘money cant buy prize’. Stuart and I picked stories that showed the most originality, and flare.”

Winning entries
Age 4-7
Lily Davies – St John’s Catholic Primary, Year 2
Age 6

The Superhero family

Once there lived a gentleman who was strong and brave and was a superhero. One beautiful night, the gentleman was looking for villains and there was a crash and all of a sudden out came in the mist a beautiful lady. When they first had a glimpse, they knew they were going to marry. After the wedding they flew across Bath Rugby ground. A rugby player, who was a villain, Dr Sczoofi, threw the rugby ball up into the air and suddenly the lady and her superhero love tumbled down onto the floor with a bump. The referee blew his whistle and said “out!”. The superheroes flew home. Later on, the lady gave birth, they had two children named Scarlet and Toby. In a couple of years they had another baby called Jake. They got a dog and a cat and they had adventures together fighting villains and playing rugby to make them strong.

Age 8-10
Charley Sheil – Whitchurch Primary School, Year 3
Age 8

Big Pig Rugby

Ernie was no ordinary pig. Ernie was a very special pig because he played for Bath Rugby. Ernie was the biggest, smelliest and loudest pig that ever played Rugby. Ernie played in the front row as hooker and where ever he went he was sure to cause an upset. No team enjoyed playing against him he was over forty stone of heavy weight pork. And he could flatten any player in his way. It wasn’t just other teams that didn’t like Ernie, his own team mates didn’t like him much either. 

After big games the bath rugby team liked to sit in hot baths, but as Ernie was captain he made them all sit in a bath of hot mud!  And when they won a game Ernie would take the team for a celebratory meal of potato peelings and apple cores served in a big silver trough!

Age 11+
Sam Bennett – St Mark’s Church of England Secondary School, Year 7
Age 12


It was midnight and the fog rolled through the wet streets of Bath, the men staggered home telling jokes and singing songs. The air reeked of smoke and beer. FLASH! BANG! A blinding light filled the streets and alleys. Everyone peered through their smudged windows like a mob of meerkats. The flying black shadow was a space craft. It landed in the park and the hatch opened and a dark big headed character walked down the ramp. He tapped his wrist and he was then on every radio station and TV programme in the world. He said “Gakangaah”. He then stopped and tapped his wrist again. He carried on “We have intercepted what you call Rugby. We challenge Bath Rugby to play us or the Earth will be destroyed immediately and no one will be spared. You have 48 hours, be afraid”.

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