Bath Rugby Community visits Beckington Primary School

26 January 2012

Caryl Thomas, Bath Rugby Community Coach was delivering a session of Tackling Numbers at Beckington Primary School today.  Tackling Numbers is an interactive numeracy programme for young children, developed and delivered by Premiership Rugby in partnership with MBNA. This five week programme aims to teach 8-9 year olds the importance of number skills in everyday life. 

The first half of Caryl’s fourth visit to Beckington School was out on their playing fields playing interactive rugby games where Mr Vincent the teacher of Rowan Class, said.  “The kids love it, it has really opened their eyes, as Maths is not just sitting in the classroom doing things in there but it is going out in the real world as well.  They have enjoyed every minute of it.”

A young girl from the class was keen for to be recorded and she wanted to say:  “It’s lots more fun out here!”

When the outdoor session finished they spent a further lesson in the classroom working on data handling.  They had fun measuring the  heights and different sizes of Bath’s rugby players and the positions they played;  David Attwood, Bath Rugby player was found to be the tallest.

Caryl will be visiting Beckington Primary School again next week.





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