Attacking Maths | Making Maths Fun!

18 May 2021

If you think maths is never fun, this is where the fun starts! 

Bath Rugby and Avon Rubber made it their mission to help children develop their numeracy skills through rugby by designing Attacking Maths!

Since joining forces with Avon Rubber three years ago, we have now delivered Attacking Maths to 30 schools and over 1000 children. 

Numbers matter 

Shockingly, research shows that 8.5 million British adults have the numeracy skills of a 10-year-old.

Maths isn’t just about long division, algebra and trigonometry. It’s about checking your change in the shop, making sure you can afford something, and balancing your budget. That’s why it’s so important for our kids to be comfortable with sums. 

This year, 72% of children are aware they need to use maths a lot in everyday life.

Learning through rugby

Making learning fun is a great way to help children absorb lessons that will stay with them and that’s where Bath Rugby can help. In 2019 we will be working with children in key stage 2 across 10 schools in the local area delivering Attacking Maths.

The course aims to make learning numbers fun using tag rugby to:

• Increase children’s understanding of number skills

• Boost their confidence in dealing with numbers

• Help them become physically fitter. 

Community Delivery Lead, Lewis Palmer, said: “Attacking Maths is a brilliant opportunity for children to develop their numeracy and tag rugby skills through a fun environment.”

Attacking Maths also marks the first time rugby stars of the future encounter the game. 

Attacking Maths will also give teachers an opportunity to learn fun new games and feel confident delivering the correct rules and regulations.

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