1st XV Fixtures

From The Clash fixture at Twickenham to our 1st XV games at the Rec, see the Bath Rugby 1st XV Fixtures below. Details can change due to television scheduling. You can also subscribe to our fixture feed.

Please click here to view a printable PDF of the 2017/18 season fixtures.

Season 2017/2018

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Future Matches

December 2017
23 Dec 2017Kick Off 15:00AwaySale SharksAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
29 Dec 2017Kick Off 19:45HomeWaspsAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVSTTXTickets available now
January 2018
5 Jan 2018Kick Off 19:45AwayWorcester WarriorsAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVMatch information
Weekend of 12 - 14 Jan. TBCTo be confirmedHomeScarletsEuro CupEuropean Rugby Champions CupSTST10TXMatch information
Weekend of 19 - 21 Jan. TBCTo be confirmedAwayBenetton RugbyEuro CupEuropean Rugby Champions CupMatch information
27 Jan 2018Kick Off 15:00HomeNewcastle FalconsAnglo WelshAnglo-Welsh CupSTST10Tickets available now
February 2018
2 Feb 2018Kick Off 19:30AwayOspreysAnglo WelshAnglo-Welsh CupMatch information
9 Feb 2018Kick Off 19:45HomeNorthampton SaintsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTST10Match information
16 Feb 2018Kick Off 19:45AwayNewcastle FalconsAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
24 Feb 2018Kick Off 14:30HomeSale SharksAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTST10Match information
March 2018
2 Mar 2018Kick Off 19:45AwayHarlequinsAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
Weekend of 23 - 25 Mar. TBCTo be confirmedHomeExeter ChiefsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTTXMatch information
April 2018
7 Apr 2018Kick Off 15:00TwickenhamLeicester TigersAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
Weekend of 13 - 15 Apr. TBCTo be confirmedAwaySaracensAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
Weekend of 27 - 29 Apr. TBCTo be confirmedAwayGloucester RugbyAviva PremAviva PremiershipMatch information
May 2018
Weekend of 4 - 6 May. TBCTo be confirmedHomeLondon IrishAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTTXMatch information

Past Matches

August 2017
20 Aug 2017Kick Off 14:00AwayOspreysFriendlyFriendlyBath won 14 - 28
25 Aug 2017Kick Off 19:45AwayLeinster RugbyFriendlyFriendlyBath lost 27 - 23
September 2017
3 Sep 2017Kick Off 15:00AwayLeicester TigersAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVBath won 23 - 27Match report
9 Sep 2017Kick Off 14:00HomeSaracensAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVSTST10TXBath won 31 - 21Match report
15 Sep 2017Kick Off 19:45AwayNorthampton SaintsAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVBath lost 24 - 6Match report
23 Sep 2017Kick Off 15:00HomeNewcastle FalconsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTST10Bath lost 32 - 33Match report
October 2017
1 Oct 2017Kick Off 15:00AwayWaspsAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVBath won 9 - 25Match report
7 Oct 2017Kick Off 15:00HomeWorcester WarriorsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTST10TXBath won 29 - 13Match report
14 Oct 2017Kick Off 17:30HomeBenetton RugbyEuro CupEuropean Rugby Champions CupTVSTST10Bath won 23 - 0
20 Oct 2017Kick Off 19:45AwayScarletsEuro CupEuropean Rugby Champions CupTVBath won 13 - 18
29 Oct 2017Kick Off 15:00HomeGloucester RugbyAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVSTBath lost 21 - 22Match report
November 2017
4 Nov 2017Kick Off 15:00AwayLondon IrishAnglo WelshAnglo-Welsh CupBath won 22 - 26Match report
10 Nov 2017Kick Off 19:45HomeLeicester TigersAnglo WelshAnglo-Welsh CupTVSTST10Bath won 33 - 31Match report
19 Nov 2017Kick Off 15:00AwayLondon IrishAviva PremAviva PremiershipBath won 18 - 22Match report
25 Nov 2017Kick Off 12:45HomeHarlequinsAviva PremAviva PremiershipSTST10TXBath won 38 - 14Match report
December 2017
2 Dec 2017Kick Off 14:00AwayExeter ChiefsAviva PremAviva PremiershipTVBath lost 42 - 29Match report
9 Dec 2017Kick Off 15:15AwayToulonEuro CupEuropean Rugby Champions CupTVBath lost 24 - 20Match report
16 Dec 2017Kick Off 17:30HomeToulonEuro CupEuropean Rugby Champions CupTVSTTXBath won 26 - 21Match report


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