Max On Tour: Postcard from Sydney

Max On Tour: Postcard from Sydney

10 years ago


Now into the fourth week of his worldwide travels, Junior Membership Club Leader, Maximus, has found himself enjoying the sites Down Under in Sydney, Australia. Writing in his latest postcard, Max said, "I'm having a great time here in Sydney, it's a fantastic city even if it is a little cooler at this time of year! Although I sadly had to miss the game against Scarlets at the Rec on Saturday, rest assured, I'll be back for the opening match against London Welsh on the 13th September!"These are some of the facts Max learnt in Oz:Australia’s low rainfall makes it the driest inhabited continent on EarthDespite its usual lack of rain, the 2011 floods in the tropical Australian state of Queensland covered an area larger than France and Germany combinedBecause of Australia’s unique ecosystem, it is home to many animal species' that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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