Bath Rugby Academy do Come Dine Me

Bath Rugby Academy do Come Dine Me

12 years ago


Jerry Quinn, Bath Rugby’s Head Chef is very proud of his new kitchen, it contains all the equipment he ever dreamed of!   When we heard that some of the Academy boys were busy in the kitchen, we knew something unusual was going on!It all began when Matt Middleton, the Academy Strength and Conditioning coach was chatting with his team about new ways to improve the Academy’s nutrition education.  “It is all very well feeding them information and chatting to them about nutrition, but we wanted to impact on their home lives more, so that they would be able to provide what we were asking them to do, for themselves.”From those discussions the Academy boys were split into teams and every month they take part in a ‘Come Dine With Me’ event.  Each team is challenged to create its own menus and to cook for different groups of guests.  The boys are scored on their menus and receive double points for nutritional information.  The score also includes how well they work together, hygiene and safety in the kitchen and the cooking methods and skills used.  The guests are asked to score on the taste and presentation of the food they are served. Each month the Judges scores are added to a Leaderboard and Matt said: “We have been sorting out a prize for the winning team to get a treat at a local restaurant.”  A good incentive to come top!                                                                                                             .

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