Season Ticket Holders

As a 2018/19 full Season Ticket Holder this game is one of your 16 home games.

However, as this game is being played at Twickenham and we are unable to upload this game onto your season ticket card, you will need to claim your seat and be issued a paper ticket to gain entry into the stadium.

All Season Ticket Holders who wish to attend will be able to redeem one seat per season ticket held. You will also be able to purchase additional tickets in the same location for friends and family at a discounted rate until Sunday 30th September 2018.

Can't make it to The Clash? Read through our detailed refund policy here.

Key Dates

  • From 12:00 on Monday 20th August 2018, Season Ticket Holders can claim their seat at Twickenham.
  • You can purchase additional tickets for friends and family at a discounted rate until Friday 31st August 2018.
  • We can only guarantee Season Ticket Holders an equivalent category seat to that which they have at the Rec if they claim their position by Wednesday 31st October 2018.
  • w/c 8th April 2019 – Collation of all Season Ticket Holders who registered to confirm they cannot take up their position at Twickenham.
  • w/c 8th April 2019 – Email or postal confirmation of refund/credit of account.
  • w/c 15th April 2019 – Accounts credited with relevant refund amount. Please be advised that this process may take up to two weeks to complete.