DPP Nomination & Selection Process

How do players get into the DPP?

The Bath DPP has entry points at different age groups (U14, U15 and U16) to ensure that the programme provides a longitudinal identification opportunity and the engagement of a broad number of players who’s potential will emerge at different stages of development. The programme aligned to Bath Rugby is only currently applicable to the male performance pathway. 

The main mechanism of entry is via. nomination by the player’s club coach or school teacher. Club coaches and school teachers are encouraged to nominate players for the programme within an agreed framework of nomination windows for each age group.

How are players assessed?

One of the core aims of the DPP is to identify players who may have the long term potential to progress into the professional game and the coaches will be observing players with this in mind.

Whilst there are no fixed criteria that defines what a player must be capable of, the coaches will use the Academy’s T.E.A.M framework to guide their identification of players for 2020/2021:

Teamwork –use of effective tactics with teammates to solve problems and beat the game. 

Engine –use of physical qualities to impact the outcome of a game such as speed, agility, strength, power, endurance. 

Accuracy –ability to accurately perform position specific and core rugby skills under pressure e.g. catch-pass, tackle, kicking. 

Mindset –use of mental skills to enhance their performance e.g. competitiveness, leadership, problem solving, creativity, resilience, awareness.

Will my son receive feedback after having attended a development / assessment day as a nominated player?

We understand the importance of feedback, and will do our best to provide feedback in some format to all players who attend a development / assessment day.

We ask clubs and schools to carefully consider their nominations and assess each potential player on their merits against the guidance we send out. This is beneficial to us when holding development days, as having manageable numbers of players to  assess is the main factor that dictates our capacity to provide feedback.

The type and depth of feedback to players will depend upon the amount of players nominated for any given day.

Will my son be disadvantaged if he is not in the DPP as a 13 or 14 year old?

We hope to offer a high quality experience for players which provides diverse opportunities and coaching approaches alongside different players to the ones that players are used to in their normal setting. As such, we hope that the DPP is advantageous to all players that become a part of it.

The structure of the Bath Rugby DPP is reflective of non-linear player development for 13-16 year old players, and how quickly players can change in relatively small amounts of time. Therefore, it is not the end of the road if your son were not to be nominated or selected at the start of the programme.

Your son may not be ready for the programme as a 13 year old, and may not be nominated/may not be selected at that stage. We would encourage players who wish to be considered for the programme to work with their club and/or school coaches to determine the areas that they should develop in order to be nominated in the future.

 What if my son’s coach or teacher will not nominate him?

We’d encourage you to have a sensible discussion with your son’s coach or teacher to understand the reason why he may not have been nominated for the programme. If other players from your son’s school or club have been nominated ahead of him, then ask for some feedback (based on their opinion and also in relation to the guidance information on the attributes that nominated players should possess). This should help direct what your son might be able to work on to earn a nomination for the next opening.

If your son’s club coach/teacher is unaware of the Bath DPP then please get in touch with us directly, using the contact information below.

If your son’s club coach/teacher is aware of the Bath DPP, but does not want to nominate players from your son’s school or club, please click here to get in touch with us directly to discuss.

For the majority of players, this is a programme that can complement their other experiences and commitments, and serves as an opportunity to progress towards the professional pathway.