The next Assessment day will take place on Thursday 31st October - Melksham RFC 

This is applicable to the age groups listed below: 

  • U14 players for 2019 - 2020 Season (DOB: 01.09.2005 – 31.08.2006)
  • U15 players for 2019 -2020 Season (DOB: 01.09.2004 - 31.08.2005) 

All nominations must be submitted using the official forms listed below. The nomination window closes at midnight on Friday 11th October. 

U14 Nomination Form

U15 Nomination Form

All players who are nominated will be e-mailed directly by Bath Rugby DPP using the contact e-mail address supplied for them on the nomination form by the 17th October. 

NOTE: U13 Assessments will take place in February 2020 with nominations opening in late December / early 2020. 


The player I want to nominate cannot attend in October, shall I still nominate them?

For players who cannot attend in October, this is now our last Assessment opportunity for U14 and U15 players this season. For transparency and fairness we do not typically allow players to trial during the sessions unless there are deemed to be exceptional circumstances. 

How do I know if my nomination has been submitted?

Coaches / Teachers - when you get to the end of your nomination, please ensure you click submit. You will then see a thumbs up icon with “thanks for completing this typeform”. This is confirmation that your form will have been submitted, you will not receive an e-mail confirmation. 

Can I submit more than two nominations?

If you really feel strongly that you have more than 2 players who are outstanding in their age group, please get in touch with us and we will explore this further with you.

My player attended the Assessment session in August and was unsuccessful, do I still need to re-nominate him?

Players attending in August will have been ranked into 3 groups. Group 1 will have entered the DPP, Group 2 will have been sent information outlining that they will be automatically invited to the October assessment session and Group 3 are players who will have received individual feedback. If players in Group 3 have attended the recent Assessment session in August we ask that they are not re-nominated at this stage. 

What about nominations for the U16 programme?

At the present time, we won’t be running a nomination system for the U16 age group but will be working with the County programmes to open up opportunities for players this age. If you feel you have a stand-out player in the U16 age group please get in touch with us at