The next Assessment day will take place on Wednesday 28th August 2019 at Trowbridge RFC. This is applicable to the age groups listed below: 

  • U14 players for 2019 - 2020 Season (DOB: 01.09.2005 – 31.08.2006)
  • U15 players for 2019 -2020 Season (DOB: 01.09.2004 - 31.08.2005) 

Nominations for schools and clubs are now open and each school / club is eligible to nominate two players for consideration. Please ensure your nomination is submitted using the official nomination form below. Only nominations received in accordance with the deadline will be considered. 

U14 (2019-2020) Nomination Form:

U15 (2019-2020) Nomination Form:

For players who have been nominated please expect to receive an e-mail from us at the end of July with an invitation to the Assessment session. 


The player I want to nominate cannot attend in August, shall I still nominate them?

For players who cannot attend in August, please still nominate them as we will retain them on our system and invite them to the October half-term date instead.

Will there be another opportunity to nominate later in the season?

Yes, our final opportunity to receive new nominations for these age groups will be in mid- late September 2019 for attendance at the October half-term assessment date.

How do I know if my nomination has been submitted?

Coaches / Teachers - when you get to the end of your nomination, please ensure you click submit. You will then see a thumbs up icon with “thanks for completing this typeform”. This is confirmation that your form will have been submitted, you will not receive an e-mail confirmation. 

Parents - you should be informed by a coach / teacher that your son will be nominated for the programme. Correspondence from Bath Rugby will then be sent out to you by the end of July. If you expected to hear from us and have not, please  e-mail after August 1st. 

Can I submit more than two nominations?

If you really feel strongly that you have more than 2 players who are outstanding in their age group, please get in touch with us and we will explore this further with you.

My player attended the Assessment session in February and was unsuccessful, do I still need to re-nominate him?

Players attending in February will have been ranked into 3 groups. Group 1 will have entered the DPP, Group 2 will have been sent information outlining that they will be automatically invited to the August assessment session and Group 3 are players who will have received individual feedback. Players in Group 3 will need to be re-nominated if you feel that they have progressed and are now ready to be re-assessed. Players in Groups 1 and 2 will not need to be re-nominated, every player / parent who attended should be fully aware of their outcome.

My player has been a part of the U13 or U14 programme already this season, will they automatically be progressing?

All players in the U13 DPP will proceed into the U14 DPP. Players in the U14 DPP will either be going straight into the U15 DPP or will be invited directly by us to attend the Assessment day in August. Therefore, there is no requirement to nominate any current player who has participated within this season’s U13 / U14 DPP.

What about nominations for the U16 programme?

At the present time, we won’t be running a nomination system for the U16 age group but will be working with the County programmes to open up opportunities for players this age.