Academy Vision

The Academy is the foundation of Bath Rugby, working to the Club's values and developing a supportive and challenging environment through innovative delivery, which allows the athlete to achieve their potential. We aim to create rounded individuals based on hard work, talent and humility, whilst consistently producing the players and teams of the future. 

Players primarily come into the Junior Academy (Player Development Group - PDG) through the Developing Playing Programme (DPP) but players can also be selected from the County programmes or be scouted directly by Academy staff. 

Chief Executive Tarquin McDonald: 

"The Academy is critical to the Club and is so important in helping to keep a strong unit with the local area and our 'roots' in and around Bath and the South West. Many of our past and current players have come through the Academy and we are keen to see this continue and grow. We have made a concerted effort to integrate the Academy far more in the last couple of seasons and it is already paying dividends. To have the senior Academy players training and learning alongside the current senior players has really helped accelerate their progress."

Academy Pathway