Secret Diary of Guy Mercer, aged 21 and 7/12ths

17 August 2011

With the squad enjoying the beach in Portugal on their day off, we took a sneaky peak into Guy Mercer's training camp diary...

"The boys trudged into Farleigh House under the cover of darkness with moods dampened by a thin drizzle at 4am on Sunday morning, where conversation was strained as the obligatory poached eggs and a few rashers were piled in before setting off for the airport. We travelled well and arrived at Faro and attempted to carry onto Browns. However, we had arrived in the middle of a political situation - the motorway was lined with people and packed with Bikers. We're still none the wiser about what was going on...!"We got back into some S&C (strength and conditioning) on Monday after loosening up with an evening session on Sunday. The coaches have introduced a Super 8 challenge which goes through the week covering a number of physical challenges, which will eventually provide an overall champion/most athletic player. Questionable technique instigated by Nathan Catt on the vertical jump lead to calamity as Kane Palma Newport attempted the 'pike' manoeuvre and almost fell through a glass door in the gym. He was lucky this time - definitely the team's most clumsy player!

"Charades has emerged as a poolside favourite, as well as Marco-Polo which carries on from last year's Aix en Provence trip.

"Tuesday started with another circuit, the Super 8 challenges were a bench press challenge and a 100m row. 34 reps and 14 seconds seemed to the benchmark scores. Unit practise followed leading into the hottest part of the day - we wait for late afternoon to train again so the boys split off choosing to spend their time differently. Barks and Ollie Woodburn are seldom found away from the pool or the sun's rays, the Charades gang convene, the youths peruse videos of previous sessions in the team room, the older gentlemen enjoy a siesta and a gaggle of the thick set lads can usually be found in the comfort of the air-conditioned team room yarn spinning and story topping!"

We'll be bringing you more from Guy's diary later in the week, so check back on to see what else the week had in store for the players!

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