Press Notes ahead of Bristol Bears

27 February 2020

Stuart Hooper faced the press on Tuesday ahead of the highly anticipated West Country derby against Bristol Bears. Here is the what he had to say...

On Bristol Bears

"What we are doing at the moment is attaching some real benefit to what we are doing in the week to what we are doing at the weekend. We have had three good wins in a row which is great for us and what we want to do is keep that going. 

"The 80 minutes at the weekend will be a result of what we do here during the week so they are on top of that, on top of the detail and on top of the understanding of how Bristol play the game and how we can impose ourselves on them."

On recent run of form 

"I believe that it is a combination of everything that we do. You can't just turn up on a Saturday and Sunday and perform. it is about putting together a really consistent programme and the lads are committed to a number of things over this block of games and their hard work is paying off.

"They put in an incredible amount of hard work and diligence around their preparation to have the moments that they have had. They are working really hard at making that continue, they know that it doesn't just happen. Its about what we do next that matters."

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