How to place your season seat on Ticket Exchange

1] Log into your account at

2] Once you are logged in, click on the Account icon 
3] The most recent event tickets to be managed will be displayed under notification. Click on Manage Tickets.

The available games to be managed will be displayed. Click on the desired Game to manage tickets.

5] The Manage Tickets screen will be shown. Information detailing the available features will be displayed. Tick the box next to the Ticket you are looking to place on TicketExchange and click on “POST ON TICKET EXCHANGE”.

Note: Please double check the BLOCK, ROW and SEAT before selling seat to ensure you are placing the correct seat online.

6] “You are selling (number of tickets) ticket on Ticket Exchange to”
will be displayed with a summary of when the listing will be displayed until. Click on “REVIEW ORDER

7] The Order review screen will be displayed, please note the amount of Account Credit that will be.

Double check that the Seat details are correct and click the tick box confirming you agree that you “I have read, understood and agree to adhere to Bath Rugby's Terms & Conditions of sale”.

9] Click COMPLETE to place the seat(s) on Ticket Exchange. A confirmation screen will sent to you with the Seats placed on Ticket Exchange.

Ticket Exchange closes at 23.59 (11.59pm) the night be fore the fixture. If your ticket does not sell in this time the seat access will be re-added to your season ticket card.



Next Steps:

My Ticket has sold on Ticket Exchange
Congratulations! Your season seat has been sold and is no longer available on your season card. You will receive an email confirmation with the amount to be credited to your account. This can be used against any future bath rugby purchases.

My Ticket has not sold on Ticket Exchange
Your seat access will be re-instated back onto your season ticket card. Supporters have the option to use the ticket or download the ticket as a Match Pay to pass onto a friend or family member until 2 hours before kick-off. See “Ticket Download” guide.

You will receive an email confirming your ticket has not been sold.

I no longer want to sell my season seat on Ticket Exchange
You can remove a season seat from Ticket Exchange at any point as long as the seat has not sold. If the seat has sold you cannot reverse the purchase.

To remove a Ticket from Ticket Exchange, follow steps 1-4 above. Then:

5] The Manage Tickets screen will be shown. Click on “Posted on Ticket Exchange”

6] Information detailing the ticket currently on Ticket Exchange will be displayed. Tick the box next to the Ticket you are looking to remove from Ticket Exchange and click on “WITHDRAW FROM SALE”.

7] You have You have withdrawn the posting of (?) tickets will be displayed.

The tickets will be returned to your season card. You will receive and email confirmation that your Ticket Exchange has been cancelled/withdrawn.


Q: Can I have my credit refunded back to me?
A: Ticket exchange will always offer an account credit back to your Bath Rugby ticketing account. This credit cannot be refunded back via cash. You can use your credit against any future match purchases (including season tickets).

Q: Why is the account credit 60% of the refund.
A: Season ticket holders receive a per game discount when buying a season ticket which makes it cheaper per game compared to the match by match tickets. This equates to 60% of the match ticket value on average.

Q: Will my season ticket card work after I have sold my seat on Ticket Exchange?
A: Your season ticket access will be re-instated on the next available home match. But will not work on the fixture you have sold as Ticket Exchange.

Q: Can I sell my seat to someone I know?
A: You can pass on your season ticket seat via the Ticket Download option and forward the seat to your friend. However, once a ticket is posted on Ticket Exchange for purchase anyone can purchase the seats online.

Q: Is Ticket Exchange open on all games
A: For the 23/24 Season all games will have the Ticket Exchange enabled the Monday prior to the game.

Q: When can I place my ticket on Ticket Exchange
A: Ticket Exchange and Ticket Download will open the Monday prior to the date of which the match will be due to played, i.e if the Match is played on Saturday 9 September, the game is available for Ticket Exchange on Monday 4 September at 10am