How to forward a season ticket to a friend or download a season ticket as a match ticket

1] Log into your account at

 Once you are logged in, click on the Account icon  

3] The most recent event tickets to be managed will be displayed under notification. Click on Manage Tickets.

4] The available games to be managed will be displayed. Click on the desired Game to manage tickets.

5] The Manage Tickets screen will be displayed. Information detailing the available features will be displayed. Tick the box next to the Ticket you are looking to download / forward to a friend and click on “DOWNLOAD TICKETS”.

Note: Please double check the BLOCK, ROW and SEAT before downloading to ensure you are downloading the correct seat.

6] A warning message will be displayed stating “Ticket download will convert the season ticket into a digital match pay ticket. This will remove access from the season ticket (both digital and physical cards) for that selected game only.”

7] Double check that the correct email address to receive the match tickets is displayed. Once checked scroll down and click on “EMAIL TICKETS

8] Once completed the email address will receive a match ticket as a print @ home/digital ticket. Forward this to the desired recipient via your email.


Q: My season ticket is a concession / junior or young adult, can I download these?
A: Yes, but the person who is attending will need to be the same price class (i.e. Junior season ticket will be a Junior match ticket).

Q: I have downloaded my ticket but have changed my mind, can I use my season card?
A: No, the ticket download functionality cannot be undone. However, you can use the digital match ticket instead of the season card.