How to create a network

The “My Network” feature is a useful function in your account, that allows you to link accounts together so you can manage, apply and buy tickets or memberships to Bath Rugby events for your friends and family. 


1] Log into your account at

2] Once you are logged in, click on the Account icon  

3] Click on View Account Menu.

4] Click on My Network 

5] Once the My Network page has loaded, click on the Add Members button as shown below:

6] Then under Search for an Existing Member, enter the other supporter's Membership number (Client Reference Number) and Surname and click the Search button.

7] The other supporter profile should then be displayed. Please check the details and click the Add Member button.

8] You should then receive the confirmation message shown below in green, confirming that the other supporter is now a part of your network.

Additionally you can allow a member of your network to "Manage" your account. This includes purchasing tickets and season ticket cards on behalf of that member. To do this:

9] From the Members in Your Network screen, select the drop down arrow next to the person you want to manage.

10a] To allow the person to Manage tickets to you, click the EDIT next to "{Name} can ASSIGN tickets to Me" and ensure "{Name} can MANAGE tickets for Me" is selected. Click SAVE.

10b] To request access to the person to Manage tickets for them, click the EDIT next to "I can ASSIGN tickets for {Name}" and ensure "I can MANAGE tickets for {Name}" is selected. Click SAVE.




What if I do not know my friend’s Membership Number (Client Reference Number)?

You will need to know this to add someone to their network.

Can someone see or change my account information if they are in my network?

No, adding someone or being added to someone’s network will only allow you both to Assign Tickets / Memberships / Season Tickets to the people within My Network.

Can I remove someone from “My Network”?

Yes, you can do this by selecting My Network > Selecting the Member in your network you wish to remove > Select Remove member.

Will I be able to used that persons Credit?

No, if there is credit on an account, this is only able to be used if the person who has credit is the person signed in.

What if I have 2 Season tickets under the same Client ID. 

You can remove one of the Season Tickets by selecting My Network > Selecting the Member in your network you wish to remove > Select Remove member.