BRF Classroom

The Bath Rugby Foundation Classroom has been created to help keep youngsters busy during the lockdown.

These fun activities have been drawn up by Bath Rugby Foundation’s Education Team – Jonno, Becks and Mel – who have used their classroom experience in delivering the Foundation’s Education programmes to create a full series to help parents keep children busy.

All activities have an educational purpose and offer a chance to learn as they play, tackling homeschooling with a twist. 😊

You can find out more about the Bath Rugby Foundation on their website or through Twitter or Instagram.


⬇️ Download your Activity Sheets 

🔵Download Activity 1 - Pay Attention

Download Activity 2 - Category Battleships

Download Activity 3 - Collaborative Countdown

🔵Download Activity 4 - What's in the bag?

Download Activity 5 - A-Z Hunt

Download Activity 6 - Memory Game

🔵Download Activity 7 - Hang Man

Download Activity 8 - Countdown Maths

Download Activity 9 - Countdown Words

🔵Download Activity 10 - Colour by Number

Download Activity 11 - Pictionary

Download Activity 12 - Build a Tower

🔵Download Activity 13 - Noughts and Crosses

Download Activity 14 - A-Z Word List

Download Activity 15 - Number Touch

🔵Download Activity 16 - Create a Superhero

Download Activity 17 - What have you learned?

Download Activity 18 - Draw a picture

🔵Download Activity 19 - Let's have a conversation

Download Activity 20 - Jungle Run

Download Activity 21 - Chase the Queen

🔵Download Activity 22 - Build a Den


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