A-Z Fitness Challenge

Bath Rugby Community Team challenges you to complete the A-Z Exercise Challenge.

We've attached an exercise to all 26 letters in the alphabet and created beginner, intermediate and advanced challenges for you all.

We've also put together a video with guidance on how to complete each workout, with beginner and advanced options for each too. Whether it’s a quick 5 minute workout in your front room or if you fancy taking on the advanced challenge outside in your garden, these challenges are perfect for the whole family. 😊

Let us know how you get on and send through some workout images to us – community@bathrugby.com

⬇️Download the A-Z Exercise Challenge

Exercise Guide

A: Jumping Jacks

B: Push Ups

C: Burpees

D: High Knees

E: Crunches

F: Mountain Climbers

G: Squats

H: Front Lunges

I: Side Lunges

J: Second Wallsit

K: Calf Raises

L: Second Plank

M: Jump Squats

N: Second Jump Rope

O: Russian Twists

P: Plie Squats

Q: Arm Circles

R: Skaters

S: Second Jump On The Rope

T: Heel Kicks

U: Inchworms

V: Tricep Dips

W: Star Jumps

X: Bird Dogs

Y: Leg Raises

Z: Squat Jacks

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