Daily Lockdown Checklist

By Natasha Lewis (Director of Get Fit in Bath)

It’s a tricky time in all of our lives right now and all of us will be experiencing an array of different emotions and we want to make it clear that this is totally normal to feel this way.

If you are finding it a little tough to remain level-headed or perhaps you are struggling to find that happy medium and balance to your days so below is our lockdown daily checklist for you to work through and tick off.

These are just some ideas that we had found have helped us regain some form of normality in this crazy time.

1. Create a ‘to-do’ list

Each night before you go to bed, jot down a list of ‘to-do’s’ you want to achieve the next day. This will provide you with a structure to work from and more likely to hold yourself accountable too.

2. Healthy eating

It’s easy to let eating habits slip now there isn’t any sporting events, goals, holidays etc to aim for, however, in order to keep a healthy mindset, diet will be a huge factor in helping with this.

Now, more so than ever, its a great time to improve your diet. We all have a lot more time on our hands and so we should use this to prep, cook and eat well.

Focus on creating a balance diet with a huge variety of foods and nutrients to keep variety and creativity high.

3. Drink two litres of water per day

Another good ‘to do’ is to try and drink two litres of water per day. We all know water is vital for our health, but a lot of us often neglect the amount we drink in a day.

Water has huge health benefits such as cleansing our skin, boosting our energy, increased brain function, maximising physical performance and much more.

Top tip would be to buy a two litr bottle and pour yourself a glasses of water from that throughout the day, that way, when the bottle is empty you know you have achieved a good amount. 

4. 10,000 steps per day

Another great idea to add to your ‘to do’ list is to hit your steps each day. This is a great way to remain active.

In the UK we are very lucky to still have our outside exercise token per day.

This is the perfect opportunity to hit those step targets and it's a very realistic and achievable goal for us all to hit each day.

5. Sleep seven to eight hours per night

This is a real key that all of us should be trying to tick off each day.

We know that sleep routines may have gone a little haywire since lockdown and because there is no real need to get up and get out the door like we would have before lockdown, sleep has fallen to the bottom of this pile unfortunately.

However, studies have shown a lack of sleep will cause significant changes to the body. Research suggests seven to eight hours of sleep per night is a good rule of thumb.

Sleep has many great benefits such as helping immune system functioning, memory, decision making and eating habits.


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 Pictures by Tom Shenton