Cold Water Therapy

By Arron Collins-Thomas (Director of TONIQ)

Benefits of cold water therapy and why you should be doing it!

Cold showers and cold water therapy has been in the press a lot in the last few years. Many celebrities advocate the practice and extreme athletes like Wim Hoff have made it extremely popular. But why?

Well cold water has a huge number of benefits to our body and mind and the benefits can be felt pretty soon into starting it. In fact for many it becomes addictive and a daily practice.

  • Having a cold shower in the morning is something not many people actually look forward to, but by doing it you get at least one hard thing done a day and feel great about it. It really helps to strengthen your willpower and resilience that will have a knock-on effect to how you tackle the rest of your day.
  • When you enter the cold water it forces you to take deeper breaths. This decreases the CO2 levels in the body which can help improve your concentration.
  • The cold water stresses your body and hardens it so it can deal with minor stresses of everyday life better. So great for stress management, depression, and anxiety.
  • Cold water is a great exercise for your vascular system, the cold forces your blood vessels to narrow to reduce blood flow to the body’s surface. As you start to warm again they expand to allow more flow.
  • Most importantly with the current health situation, cold water therapy has been proven to increase the number of white blood cells in your body which helps to post your immune system.
  • If you are training a lot the cold water is great for recovery and can reduce fatigue after exercise, that is why the Bath Rugby squad incorporate ice baths into their recovery program. 

After hearing all these benefits why not give it a go -

  • If you are new to cold showers ease in gently and start with just 2 minutes at the end of your shower.
  • Put the shower head on arms first, then leg, then chest, back and finally head.
  • Over time you would want to build up how long you stay under the water for. Focus on a long slow out-breath and try to calm your body.
  • You will feel amazing as you get out of the shower and full of energy.



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