5 tips to help you maintain motivation during lockdown

By Natasha Lewis (Director of Get Fit in Bath)

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The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented time and has certainly extended far beyond what most of us ever thought it would be.

It’s been tough for everyone, but especially so for those in the sporting world where all events globally have been put on hold, re-scheduled or worse, completely kicked off the 2020 calendar until next year.

This has left a lot of us personally affected and the motivation to maintain fitness and training will be at an all-time low for some.

I’m sure we speak on behalf of most of you when we say we’ve experienced thoughts of “What am I training for now?” or “whats the point?”.

We get it, it’s certainly a testing and difficult time to keep the fire burning and stick to our regular training regimes when there isn’t an immediate end goal (race, game) in sight.

However, there is so much evidence out there to tell us just how important exercise is, not just for our physical health but mental health too and so we want to provide you with our five key tips on keeping the motivation high and ensure you are all ready for whenever that season re-appears.

1. Keep a routine

Trying to keep a structure is a massive key to helping you get through this period.

With most of us now working from home and schools being closed, our usual ‘working week’ has well and truly gone out the window and it would be very easy to slip into some bad habits and lie in until late or sit down watching Netflix all day.

As great as that may be now and then, that is not going to help you keep motivated to exercise and train.

Trying to keep a similar structure to what you had before will help you keep that motivation high.

Before you go to bed, jot down a to-do list ready to get cracking on with when you wake up.

Try to go to bed at your usual time (aiming for 7-hours per night), set the alarm as you would to get up for work, Eat a healthy breakfast, designate a place in your home to “work” from and include a period of time each day to exercise.

We have to accept that as it stands right now, this is our new normal. So we have to work with what we have and implementing a routine to our day will give us targets and areas to work on.

2- Focus on the finer details

Due to the lack of sporting events/matches taking place currently, right now is the perfect time to address any areas/ smaller details that you may not have had time for before lockdown.

With more time on our hands, we can now turn our focus on parts which we felt needed more work/practice on.

For example, this could be working on our base fitness and building on our aerobic endurance by going out and running more, or it could be incorporating some more strength work into our weekly routine to help improve strength and prevent injuries, or working on our core stability.

Take some time to look back over previous training and take note of areas you found were holding you back and look over ways to help improve these. This will give you something specific to work on and keep you motivated.

3. Set short-term goals

We all have long-term goals we want to achieve, but short-term goals should be put in place to help keep motivation high, and now more than ever this should be implemented into our lives. Identify areas that you want to work on (as we’ve discussed above) and set some short-term goals that are realistic to help keep you progressing towards that long-term goal. For example, if one of the areas you want to work on is the duration you run for, then set yourself a small goal of upping the amount of times you run per week, or even structure in a time trial to add some competition for yourself. Make a note of the time you ran it in, and aim to re-test in a few weeks time. Having goals written down will make you more likely to stick to them and be accountable.

4. Mix it up

Now is the time to do all those things you wanted to do before lockdown but felt you couldn’t or perhaps it didn’t fit into the usual training schedule. With no competitions or matches coming up anytime soon, take this opportunity to learn new skills or a new sport. Head out and explore some new trails and experience the surroundings we have around us.

5. Think of the bigger picture

What is your why? If motivation is lacking and you are finding it hard to keep the training up, we all have to remember that this won’t last forever and we will be back training and racing one day soon.

Ask yourself why you did this before lockdown? what made you get up and out the door in the first place? Just keep remembering your ‘why’.

Keep reminding yourself that there will be moments in our life where we suffer dips in motivation and things wont always go to plan or smoothly. But this will pass and we will return to normal and so we have to keep our ‘why” in the back of our minds. Keep going everyone, remember that bigger picture, we will get through this. 

It really is that simple to start your meditation practice and you can continue the above for as long as you feel like. 5 minutes or 30 minutes, it’s down to your time constraints and what works for you. 

It may seem like a chore at first but once you feel the benefits and get used to doing it more effectively you should start to look forward to doing it. You should aim to turn it into a habit and do it every day.


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