Home Gains

When we play at home you always give us the advantage. Remember our match against Chiefs in October? The noise at the Rec was outstanding. We didn’t just hear it, we felt it. 

Now you're at home during this tough time, it's our chance to support you. Home Gains is all about helping you, our loyal supporters.

We will keep this page updated with content from our archives, as well as new and exciting recipes from our Executive Chef, wellbeing advice, and suggestions to keep fit and healthy during these difficult times.


Bath Rugby's All Sorts All Sports campaign last year celebrated people from all walks of life, inspiring others. No matter if you were at the top of your sport, or just starting your fitness journey, we wanted to help motivate everyone to get and stay active.

As part of our campaign, we met eight inspirational individuals who taught us that fitness truly is for everyone. Scroll down to catch up with Josie, George, Sophie, and Kyle to hear how they are progressing with their personal targets and how they are keeping motivated during lockdown!


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