Residential Rugby Camps 2022

The ultimate rugby coaching experience

Designed to replicate a week in the life of a professional rugby player. Inspired by the club’s desire to not only develop better rugby players but also better people, these camps will challenge each individual on and off the pitch.

These residential camps are fully inclusive, welcoming players of all abilities and nationalities. We frequently see players from overseas, who have benefited from experiencing a world-class camp in the UK whilst also developing their English language.




Unlocking their full potential

  • Building confidence through ownership and responsibility
  • Punctuality and time keeping
  • Positioning them in a different situation by being in a new environment
  • Exploring what attributes it takes to become a good leader
  • Being aware of what it takes to become a high performing athlete
  • Building a positive environment for growth and development
  • Support and growth in a team environment


Developed by professional coaches

  • Game and position understanding
  • Individual development skills sessions
  • Strength and conditioning testing
  • Video analysis workshops
  • Nutrition education sessions
  • Injury prevention advice
  • Wellbeing and mental health workshops
  • Leadership and career seminars

📄Download an example schedule (5 days)
📄Download an example schedule (3 days)



First-class facilities and support

  • Private accommodation
  • 24-hour pastoral care
  • Hot meals and snacks provided throughout the day
  • Evening activities
  • Exclusive Bath Rugby kit bundle
  • Special appearance from senior Bath Rugby players

📄 FAQ's

Sherborne School

Dates: Sunday 23 October - Wednesday 26 October (3 nights, 4 days)

Ages: 12-16 (boys)




“We treat everyone on the camp as one squad and everyone comes away feeling like they have been part of a team for the week.”

Tom Page, Delivery Lead

“I really enjoyed the week of coaching and learned a lot. It was well balanced with fitness, rugby, and education, which gave everyone a real understanding of what it takes to progress in the sport. I can’t honestly pick out highlights, as it was such a great experience for everyone involved.”

Sean Cole, Participant

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