Bath Rugby Foundation

Bath Rugby Foundation is our Club’s charity. Together, our purpose is to empower vulnerable children and young people in Bath and the surrounding area.

Almost 10,000 young people in and around Bath are officially classed as vulnerable. These youngsters, mainly from disadvantaged families, or who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities, feel marginalised and judged. Some are even labelled ‘hopeless’, ‘disruptive’ or ‘difficult’.  

Every year since 2003, Bath Rugby Foundation, has supported between 3-4,000 youngsters to help break this cycle.  

The Foundation uses classroom learning, along with all kinds of sport and activities, to stimulate and build confidence. They mentor and nurture trust, and teach life skills to foster independence, sociability and to build positive relationships with adults.  

Young people who once felt helpless get back their hope and aspirations. They are able to tear off the labels society has slapped on them and face the world with renewed selfworth and confidence. 

There are other youth charities in Bath, but Bath Rugby Foundation are the only one that’s deeply connected to the Blue, Black and White and its army of fiercely loyal fans.  

Our work


Every year, Bath Rugby’s charity Bath Rugby Foundation works with around 3,000 youngsters who have had the toughest start in life.

The Foundation uses sport and education to develop social and emotional wellbeing and during lockdown has pivoted to online learning and even expanded its remit to deliver meals to families on Free School Meals during school closure period.

The Foundation celebrates successes with the young people they work with each year – 95% of learners who join the Hitz Learning Academy achieve their academic targets and educational goals.

The Foundation needs support to continue its community work, with more and more children and young people in Bath and North East Somerset rely on its incredible work to help students realise their full potential and become proud, purposeful and confident individuals.

You can help the Foundation: the team can only carry out this life-changing work thanks to grants and donations from our supporters.

Make a one-off donation, set up a monthly gift or set up a fundraising page to change the lives of children and young people in Bath.