Tackling Numbers at St Martin's Garden

23 May 2012

Maths was never my best subject at school, after Primary School I seemed to get a bit lost!  It was therefore a learning curve, not only for me, but for pupils in Year 4 at St Martin's Garden when Caryl Thomas, Bath Rugby Community Coach, visited the school for her latest session of Tackling Numbers.

When I arrived in the classroom the children were learning about areas and perimeters.  What is the area and perimeter of each rectangle?  This was the key phrase in the lesson and the class finished  by calculating the area of all the perimeters of the rugby stadiums in the Premiership.  This is an innovative way of learning and the children were really engaged with the task.

For the second half of the session Caryl took the class outside where they were involved in fun, mathematical games.  The children enjoyed putting themselves into different shapes such as pentagons and triangles.

Caryl remarked that: “They all loved the experience of creating the geometric shapes, and it was good to see them running around having exercise whilst at the same time learning maths.  The school are also exceptionally good at tag rugby and are the current winners of the Premier Rugby Partnership for girls in years 4, 5 and 6.”

By Pam Burke

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